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Insight into Care: Leicester Carers Support Service


Carers play a vital role in the lives of their loved ones but this often comes at the cost of compromises elsewhere.

Did you know that there are organisations out there who can support and empower you in these circumstances?

At Leicester College, we are always strengthening partnerships with a range of organisations to offer as much support to our student carers as possible. One of these organisations is the Leicester Carer Support Service for ages 18 or above who:

  • Provide advice and guidance on welfare, benefits and housing. They can help you to complete applications as well as refer you to appropriate organisations.
  • Promote their Carer’s Club group. Carers can join craft, games and exercise sessions, relax in the Carer’s Cafe, benefit from peer support and partake in discussions and talks in which speakers are also invited.
  • Organise Outings for Carers.
  • Offer 1-1 support. You can have a confidential conversation with staff who offer emotional as well as practical support. If you are a new Carer, are under considerable strain or would like additional support, they will be there to listen, help you complete a Carers Assessment or direct you to the right services.

As a Carer 18 or  above, The Carer’s Support Service could be your first port of call should you need any advice or direction.

Carer’s Passport

 The new Carer Passport helps in many ways:

  • Carers Identification Card.
  • Raises awareness of caring.
  • Designed to be a conversation starter.
  • Eases carer recognition in a variety of situations.
  • Enables you to access support or services in your caring role.
  • Helps verify you as an unpaid carer when registering with your Medical practice.
  • Carers Passport are recognised across Leicester, Leicestershire, and Rutland, in several public places.

For more information, contact Leicester Carers Support Service on 0116 2220 538

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