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How to apply to Leicester College for September 2020


Choosing where to study after you have completed your GCSEs is a big decision. To help you to decide where to apply you should try to visit open days or tours of colleges you are interested in. You should also research options using their websites and speak to your teachers or careers advisors.

If you are in year 11 at school you will most likely have sessions when your teachers talk to you about how to apply.

If your school has signed up to the new common application system – called PS16 – for Leicester and Leicestershire then you will make your application through this portal. Your school will set up your login details for you. On PS16 you will be able to search through all options available from us at Leicester College, all 6th form colleges in Leicester and a number of county schools with 6th forms, as well as county FE colleges. Once you have decided on your preferred course(s) and place(s) of study you can begin to apply on PS16.

If your school has not signed up to PS16 then you will need to fill in an application form for each 6th form or college you want to apply to.

If you are not sure whether your school has signed up to PS16 ask your teacher or school’s careers advisor.

Need some expert advice?

At Leicester College, we offer a free, independent and award-winning careers advice service to both our own students and the public. You can make an appointment to see an advisor by calling 0116 224 2240, email us or drop into Student Services at any of our campuses.

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