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Leicester College Higher Education Graduation 2019


At Leicester College we are proud to celebrate the success of our 2019 Graduates. With  beautiful weather, came a wonderful ceremony at The Empire Leicester. Afternoon tea and delicious canapés were put out for guests and Graduates, followed by bubbly and orange juice and a quick snap shot in the photo booth!

With over 90 students graduating, a few students were awarded winner certificates. Below we caught up with some of the nominees and winners.

Danni Foster –  Children, Families and Community Health – Nominated for Vice Principal Award.

Danni was nominated for the Vice Principle Award, having worked in jobs starting in the reception, moving onto Level 3 STALIS (Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools). “Instead of sticking to one subject, this gave me the opportunity to go in any direction. I’m going on to Leadership and Management, with the aim of working at a university or college”. One of the reasons why Danni chose Leicester College to study Higher education is because “Leicester College has smaller classes than university, with more 1:1 opportunities and a better relationship with course tutors”. “I felt really comfortable here and everyone was happy to help. There’s guidance with finances and careers, as well as great facilities, both here and at De Montfort University.”

“If you’re not 100% certain, I would recommend doing a HE course that can take you in different avenues, rather than something specific at university.”

Krishna-Rupa Jadav – PGCE – Winner of Vice Principal Award.

Krishna-Rupa was the Winner of the Vice Principle Award. Krishna always wanted to go into teaching. “I applied for Derby and did an induction week for post-14. It wasn’t for me. I wanted to stay in Leicester but didn’t know that Leicester College did the course, so I was delighted, and decided to apply here”. Before taking the PGCE course at Leicester College, Krishna was an Academic support worker and finished her Master’s in Education at DMU. “I started to lecture at DMU and they kept me on there so that I could take a PGCE as an additional qualification”. “Two colleagues at De Montfort University did their PGCE at Leicester College. I had already spoken to them and they said that it was a really good course. So, I got good opinions from other people before I made the decision. The fact that I did it part-time enabled me to work, study and have that balance”.

“The College has been very supportive. My lecturer was brilliant – always so motivating and positive. the support network is amazing. Our class have grown really close, like a tight-knit community, and I’ve become really comfortable with the people I’ve been learning with”

“My advice to others is just do it. It can get overwhelming. You’ve got your own commitments alongside studying but everyone just carries each other along. The resources, teaching staff and support at Leicester College were great”

Helena Rama – Business Higher National Diploma – Nominated for Principal Award.

Helena was nominated for the Principle Award. Helena took a Higher National Diploma in Business to support her husband and family business. “The business course can help you to establish your own business in the future. I also chose management as a top up degree next year”. “I’ve taken some accountancy courses to improve myself and Leicester College were very helpful with support. I finished two years of additional accountancy courses and got a distinction in everything”

As an adult learner Helena wanted to be in a smaller group, instead of much larger groups at university. “You get more 1:1 support and go into more detail.” “I will use the knowledge and everything I have learnt on the course in our family business, then perhaps get some more experience at a different company, then open my own business!”

“My advice to others is focus on what YOU want to achieve use your time to get other qualifications and skills while you can even if you don’t need it now, you may in later life”.

Irina Ignatescu – Professional Studies (creative industry) BA (Hons) – Winner of Principal award

Irina was the Winner of the Principle Award. “I started with architecture at Greenwich University but It didn’t feel like my subject. The tutors weren’t driving me in that direction. I decided to end it and look elsewhere. My fiancé is based in Leicester so I wanted to pursue something local to him and because I’m into gaming, I considered that I should do something like that”. Irina first applied for a course in Graphic Design and Media, but she realised that her focus and passion was going to be in the software creation of gaming. “I achieved a First Class from creative and a distinction for graphic design and E-media. I’ve now started my own company with the help of Leicester college. Freelance and ambassadorial work whilst at the college has helped me to find clients for my gaming and graphic design companies. it has really opened doors for me”

“I’ve also started working at Leicester College as a lecturer in motion graphics. I’ve always wanted to teach as I like sharing knowledge and being in the educational environment”. “The tutors were better and had more time for me. There’s so much more potential at Leicester college and they’ve helped me to pursue my dreams”

“My advice would be to make sure you think a lot before you apply and do your research! Follow your dreams but be careful what footsteps you take. Students should try out everything. It can open doors for other opportunities. You don’t know what can happen!”

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