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Hayley recommends apprenticeship as route to success


Former Travel and Tourism student, Hayley Hardey, talked to us recently about how she reached her current role as Business Development Manager for Burleigh Court Hotel.

Hayley began her career with Burleigh Court in 2005 when she started in the restaurant. Hayley had a passion for the hotel industry and was determined to learn everything there was to learn about it.

She gained experience of all aspects of the hotel, from housekeeping to the reservations team. Her determination led her to the Business Development team where the experience strengthened her professional portfolio. However, Hayley was aware that she didn’t have a degree and began to look at ways to compliment her experience with education.

She decided to study Travel and Tourism at Leicester College which she did whilst continuing to work. Hayley had one day per week at college and also had to study in the evenings.

Hayley said: “Apprenticeships weren’t really offered to me when I was at college before I started working. I had to go back to college to do it later in life so if there is a chance to study alongside working while you’re young, I would advise students to grab the opportunity. The blend of experience and learning is absolutely critical to future success.”

In her current role, Hayley is responsible for recruitment and she told us what she looks for in a candidate: “Education is a fantastic foundation for any applicant, but I am also a huge supporter of experience, particularly within the hotel industry.

“Candidates should also show their personality as you can have all the experience in the world, but there will be times when you will get it wrong, and it is your strength of character and resilience which should shine through, to show you can effectively handle all the trials that a workplace will throw at you.”

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