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Getting hands-on experience with Business Administration apprenticeship


With aspirations to start her own business in the future, Ismah Daya decided to enrol on the Level 3 Business Administration apprenticeship at Leicester College to help turn her dream into a reality.

A practical approach to learning

Ismah says she chose to do an apprenticeship because she wanted to learn new experiences that could help her to advance in a professional career. “I enjoy a more practical approach to learning so I chose this course as I not only got hands-on experience in a real-life work environment, but I also learnt key skills during study sessions that I could use to progress in my job role.”

As part of the Business Administration apprenticeship, Ismah worked as an Exams Officer in Leicester College’s exams team, which allowed her to build up her planning and organising skills outside of the classroom.

One of the highlights for Ismah was learning about project management. “I enjoyed being able to manage my own project as part of the end point assessment,” she continued. “Being responsible for something and communicating with different stakeholders, as well as knowing that I was boosting my chances of getting a job in a successful field, really allowed me to build my confidence through the course.”

Pathway to employment

After Ismah had completed her course, Leicester College offered her a permanent position in its exams team.

“It was an amazing opportunity to be able to carry on working with my employers,” Ismah said. “I believe that the knowledge and skills I have been able to learn over the course of the apprenticeship have benefitted my team greatly and led to me becoming a reliable and valuable asset.”

In the future, Ismah plans to start her own business. “This apprenticeship has taught me so much and given me the confidence I need to make this aspiration a success.”

Advancing with apprenticeships

Ismah chose to do her apprenticeship at Leicester College due to the range of courses it offers. She said: “It’s a great school that aims to direct students into a success future.”

“I was unsure about what to do after school and I would recommend apprenticeships to anyone that has felt the same way. There are so many benefits to doing one – you will be able to gain a lot of experience and build upon a range of skills that can help in advancing yourself in a good career.”

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