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GCSE case study: Mary Dias, GCSE Mathematics Tier H (8)


“I am very proud of myself with the result I have received today.

“I have had many challenges on my way in achieving this result, I even thought of giving up midway as it was becoming quite difficult being an adult with two young children, with families trying to recover from COVID, etc. I wasn’t able to concentrate and constantly had headaches, which made it very difficult to study.

“When I thought of giving up with this course, it was my tutor who has been like a pillar of support for me, and I remember her saying “go get a cup of coffee, relax in the sun and get on with your course all fresh, you can do it”. So I thought of going for it, and I made it. My tutor encouraged me, she invited me to join her other classes.

“I wanted to achieve GCSE English and Maths from the UK. I am from India and all my qualifications are based from India which is not comparable to UK qualification. I chose Leicester College as it was closer for me to drive without spending much time travelling.

“My future plan is to get into an administration job, where I needed a GCSE English and Maths. I am proud of myself that I have achieved it.”

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