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GCSE case study: Anna Holland, GCSE Biology Tier H (9)


How do you feel about your GCSE results?

“I am over the moon that my hard work paid off. I had a feeling it would be a high grade but getting the top mark feels amazing.

“It’s a shame though that due to current circumstances the joy of achieving high grades is dampened by claims it was due to cancelled exams. We all worked very hard in Leicester College. I have never been tested so much in my life in one subject, sitting an exam provided by AQA at the end of the course. Yet, we hear in media that high grades may be due to easier assessments. I would not apply this claim to Leicester College.”

Have you faced any particular challenges in achieving these results?

“I am not local so I had to commute which took almost two hours both ways. Having a job and two school age children proved challenging when I tried to find time to study as well. And on top of it, moving house was something I could do without! But the course was so rewarding and enjoyable that I would do it all over again. “

What helped you most in achieving these results (e.g. support from course leaders, learning techniques, encouragement from friends/family/employer, etc)?

“I must say that my course teacher was beyond excellent. I could not do it without her. She was inspiring and motivating and I discovered my love for Biology studying here. We were provided with loads of studying materials in all forms imaginable: presentations, workbooks, teacher podcasts, videos, online links, literature suggestions and more. All accompanied by a healthy dose of laughter!

“The teacher made sure every question was answered and I got much more from the course than just knowledge required for the exam. The online lessons were excellent and didn’t negatively affect my learning. The high quality of teaching was definitely reflected in my grade. I got many tips and ideas how to learn. I enjoyed the experience so much that I decided to be a teacher myself!”

Why did you choose this particular qualification and why did you choose Leicester College?

“I enjoyed an online course in nutrition at Leicester College before (through my workplace) and was considering applying to study medical science at university. Leicester College was again suggested to me, this time by my local college where this course was unavailable. Upon researching the standards of teaching and reputation and taking into account my previous experience, I decided this was the place where I want to learn.”

What are your further education/career plans after this?

“Studying at Leicester College was truly inspiring experience and I decided to change my initial plans and become a teacher. Hopefully as inspiring as mine was.”

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