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GCSE case study: Andrew Smith, GCSE Biology Tier H (8)


How do you feel about your GCSE results?

“Very satisfied.”

Have you faced any particular challenges in achieving these results?

“Not really. Lesson via Zoom are less than ideal; it being harder to interact with the tutor and the other students. “

What helped you most in achieving these results (e.g. support from course leaders, learning techniques, encouragement from friends/family/employer, etc)?

“Lots of discussing old exam questions to put learning into a wider context.”

Why did you choose this particular qualification and why did you choose Leicester College?

“Totally for fun. I had previously studied Chemistry at Leicester College the year before and knew the way things worked there and that it would be a good fit for me. Also, opportunities for study for adults seem to be thin on the ground.”

What are your further education/career plans after this?

“None. I am 66 and this was purely for the enjoyment of learning things new to me.”

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