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Fast Track Summer School to Maths and English Success


So why do you need formal maths and English qualifications? When are you going to use Pythagoras Theorem in everyday life, or need to know about metaphors in Shelley’s Frankenstein? Honestly, you probably won’t need to know these things but core maths and English skills are essential to success in the workplace. For example, in many jobs you’ll need to be able to write emails to customers or colleagues, maybe communicate with customers clearly in person, or work out how to add VAT to a bill.

Functional Skills provide essential knowledge, skills and understanding that can equip you with practical skills and teach you how to apply these in the workplace. They are offered at a range of levels, including level 2 which is the same level as GCSE.

Functional Skills Summer School

We’re offering a free* intensive Summer School to enable you to study and take a level 1 or 2 Functional Skills exam in maths or English in just two weeks, from 9 to 20 July 2018.

To be eligible for the school you

  • must be 19 or over
  • cannot already have a GCSE in your maths and/or English at grade 4 (C) or above
  • don’t have to be studying at Leicester College already
  • be able to attend every day of the course and commit to studying for around three hours a day on your own after lessons
  • attend an assessment session to see which level you should be studying at, and whether the summer school is the best way for you to learn.
  • must be able to attend exams on 23 July for English, or 24 July for maths, in addition to coming to classes.

Contact us to find out more by calling 0116 224 2240 or email us.


*subject to eligibility criteria. Please contact us for more details


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