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Enrolment – All you need to know


Before you start your course you will need to complete an enrolment process. Here at Leicester College we aim to make this process as easy for you as possible, so you can ease yourself into College life. Once you have applied, attended an interview or welcome event and have been sent an offer letter you will then be ready to enrol.

Experience Day:

After receiving your offer letter, we will invite you in to attend an experience day. This will be an opportunity for you to see for yourself a typical day as a Leicester College student. You can ask questions and familiarise yourself with the College.

How do I enrol?

1.DIY online:

Firstly, you will be emailed a link and texted a five-digit code which will allow you to complete your online registration. Therefore, avoiding the queues and saving you time. Here you will fill out all your details including name, address, contact information and employment history.

2.Meet your tutor:

You will receive a letter inviting you into the College to meet your tutor and complete your enrolment. On this day you will go directly to see your tutor and if you have not done so already complete your online registration (as mentioned above). Your tutor will check your certificates, so please remember to bring these with you, and you will both electronically sign the online enrolment form to confirm your place on the course. Your tutor should also provide you with an induction timetable for the start of September.

3.Smile for the camera:

Along with the signed and completed online enrolment form from your tutor, you will make your way to student services. And finally, we will check your form, take any payments in regards to the cost of your course and finally take a photo for your ID card. That’s all there is to enrolment.

What do I need to bring?

  • Exam certificates
  • National insurance number
  • A form of ID: This could include a passport/ driving licence/ birth certificate
  • Payments: If the course you are enrolling in requires you to make a payment.


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