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Advancing in administration following apprenticeship


Ingrid Dyson completed the Business Administration apprenticeship at Leicester College, employed by the University of Leicester.

As part of the Business Administration apprenticeship, Ingrid starting working at the University of Leicester as a Recruitment Administrator in 2018. She enjoyed the work and continued to develop her skills through lessons at the College.

Ingrid was able to learn useful IT skills and also improve her interview techniques – which she put to good use in 2021 when she applied for a promotion with the University. She was offered the role of School and Post Graduate Research Administrator, her current post.

The apprenticeship gave Ingrid the opportunity to learn alongside people from a range of backgrounds and jobs, and to understand that people have different learning styles.

When asked about her future plans, Ingrid said: “I have just applied for another role with more responsibility and higher pay as Business Administration Manager (Operations) which I am hoping to be successful in gaining an interview and the position.”

She shares some advice for others who are thinking of working in administration: “Having a good worth ethic and having pride in the quality of your work is crucial and is what often gets noticed by peers and managers.”

Ingrid enjoyed her apprenticeship and would recommend it because “the assessors of the apprenticeship were always supportive, encouraging and communicative, happy to answer questions and provide good guidance.”

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