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Building confidence with ESOL course


When Zahra Papi came to the UK from Iran in 2023, she couldn’t speak much English. After she learned about Leicester College’s ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) course, she decided to enrol to build her language skills and confidence.

Teachers who are committed to your progress

Zahra first heard about the ESOL course at Leicester College through her husband, who had enrolled onto it himself.

“My husband highly recommended it to me and told me to give it a go,” says Zahra. “I was apprehensive about learning a new language but decided to go for it after seeing how much his English skills had improved.”

Zahra knew that she’d made the right choice as soon as she began attending her classes.

“Wonderful teachers like Agnieszka, Monica and Maya quickly put me at ease with their patience, kindness and commitment to my progress,” she says. “They worked hard to get me interested in learning.”

From apprehension to total confidence

Zahra says that her speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills improved drastically during the course. The reading and writing challenges developed her knowledge further, which increased her confidence when it came to putting her new language skills to the test in real life.

“What I enjoyed the most were the safe and calm classes that boosted my confidence in conversations,” Zahra continues. “The teachers went above and beyond and used effective strategies to help me overcome my fears.

“I went from knowing very little English to absolutely thriving, both academically and personally, in the engaging and supportive learning environment that the teachers created.”

“Learning a language gives you so many opportunities”

Having thoroughly enjoyed her experience at Leicester College, Zahra says that she would not hesitate to recommend the course to anyone who would like to improve their English language skills. She attributes her rapid progress to the supportive teachers at the College.

“The teaching is exceptional, and the tutors are so dedicated and show genuine care for their students’ progress. Their passion for the subject is truly remarkable, which I think makes you want to work harder and learn even more.

“At Leicester College, everything is planned and provided for learning – you just have to ask for it and start. I would recommend those who want to learn English to not waste time and just enrol onto the course.”

With valuable English skills under her belt, Zahra is looking to pursue career opportunities and further education.

“I cannot recommend the ESOL course at Leicester College highly enough. It was a truly valuable experience under the guidance of incredible tutors, and I can now look forward to applying the knowledge and skills I have gained in my future endeavours.”

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