Laptop loan guidelines

The College has a number of laptops that are available to loan to students. If you are lent a laptop you must agree to the following conditions.

The laptop is for your sole use; you must not allow anyone else to sign in to, or use, the laptop once you have borrowed it.

You agree to take good care of the device.

Loss or damage to the device may result in you being charged for a replacement or for repair.

The device is loaned to you for the specified period which may be extended, depending on your need but may not be extended past the final date of attendance for your course.

You must not:

  • save non-work related material from web sites onto College storage media e.g. College network or hard drives.
  • play on-line computer games.
  • use the device for on-line gambling.
  • use the device for any illegal activities.
  • download infected material or malicious code
  • defame or publish knowingly false material about the College, its suppliers, customers, students or employees.
  • make comments or post remarks which could be considered bullying, harassment, discrimination, extremist or radical against any individual.
  • use offensive, derogatory or intimidating language about the College, colleagues, students, clients or others associated with the College.
  • post or upload inappropriate comments, images, photographs or videos about the College, colleagues, students, clients, or others associated with the College.
  • knowingly access or download material that is of an offensive, obscene, pornographic, sexist, racist, extremist or radical nature including any terrorist related material or data. Downloading of such material may be treated as gross misconduct and may also contravene UK law and the College Prevent Duty and could be reported to the police

Any breach in these conditions may result in you having to return the laptop and disciplinary action being taken against you.

If you agree to the laptop lending policy, a note will be added to your borrower account stating that you have read and accepted the above conditions.

Apply for a laptop on loan

The College has a number of laptops that are available to loan to students.
Requests should be submitted using this by 11.59pm on Sunday 25 October 2020. Requests will be processed in line with the criteria below and in order received prior to the submission date. Any requests after this date will be processed in order received.

  1. Any FT student who is extremely clinically vulnerable and in receipt of LSF; or 16-18 students in receipt of free school meals
  2. Any full time student in receipt of LSF
  3. Any other full time student
  4. Other
  • Request a laptop on loan

  • Date Format: DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • What happens next

    We will contact you on the email provided with details of how to collect a laptop if you are successfully awarded one, or to let you know if you have not been successful. Laptops will be held for 5 working days after the notification. If you do not contact us within this time the laptop may be allocated to another student.

Health and Safety Guidelines

In order to get the best out of your device without damage to your health, you are advised to:

  • Plan your work to avoid lengthy use of the device.
  • Intersperse display screen work with other activities, to vary any visual and mental demands.
  • Take regular breaks, and stretch your hands and arms to avoid muscle strain.
  • Regularly look up from the screen and focus your eyes on something in the distance.
  • Avoid long periods sitting/working in one position.

Don’t ignore any pain or discomfort – stop and take a break.

Staying safe on-line

Not everyone on-line is who they say they are.

Remember not to share personal details with someone you do not know.

If you are contacted to share your bank details always check with your bank first.

If you experience bullying or harassment on-line, are sent offensive material, or someone tries to persuade you to do something you don’t want to do tell a member of staff or contact the safeguarding team on:


tel: 07825 175729 or 07917 370304