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Bede Island Campus

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Understand and use Internet resources available to maximize job search opportunities. Enhance Internet skills and use search engines to source available jobs on both job sites and company websites, complete online applications and upload CVs.
Connect to Internet, use browser software to navigate web pages and browser tools to search for information from the Internet and communicate information online. Source relevant job vacancies. Follow and understand the need for safety and security practices when working online and use appropriate methods to minimise security risk to IT systems and data. Understand the risks that can exist when using the Internet and know how to safeguard self and others when working online. Take precautions to minimise data security, follow legal constraints, guidelines and procedures which apply when working online.
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No standardised assessment
Basic Online Job Search - College certificate
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Learners could progress onto a Level 1 computing qualification. After completing this course Learners will have the necessary knowledge to confidently go on line and seek employment.

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