Raphael, a God Amongst Painters

The Arts Society Leicester present Raphael, a God Amongst Painters

Speaker – Chantal Brotherton-Ratcliffe

Raphael is one of the most famous names in art history and until the late nineteenth century to emulate him was the goal for most artists who succeeded him. Yet today he is not as well-known as this might suggest. Is this because his biography is less dramatic than Caravaggio’s or his career less tormented than Michelangelo’s? Or is it because his elusive qualities are difficult to define?

This lecture asks – what is the magic of Raphael? It takes a fresh look at the artist, exploring what he achieved and looking, as if for the first time, at the beauty, grace and harmony of his work. It will examine his astonishing ability to grow and transform himself over the years of his career and his tragically early death leaves us wondering – had he lived, what would have come next?

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