Leicester College has a reputation for working successfully with local, regional and national organisations, designing and implementing training programmes for the workplace which are, based on operational business priorities and business outcomes. Our goal is to be known locally and nationally for excellence.


To contribute to the development of successful business outcomes within the local, regional and national economy, by:

  • Providing innovative, responsive, relevant and high quality provision, which is tailored to meet employer demand with experienced, qualified staff providing the highest customer service
  • Identifying and meeting the training needs of employers through organisational and training needs analysis and utilising labour market information
  • Building mutually beneficial relationships with employers across all sectors
  • Designing and providing bespoke, flexible training solutions to meet employer needs
  • Providing a one-stop-shop solution for training or accurate referral advice if we are unable to meet employers’ needs.

What you can expect from us prior to the training programme

  • An advisory meeting to discuss business outcomes and training needed.
  • Accurate information on the most appropriate training, accommodating business needs for flexibility wherever possible.
  • Clear information on content, duration, assessment requirements and costs.
  • Access to additional support for employees with disabilities or learning needs.
  • Information, advice and guidance for each employee.
  • Opportunities for employees to have an advisory interview prior to training.

What you can expect at the start of the training programme

  • A comprehensive induction including initial advice and guidance.
  • Information on content, timetable, assessment of progress, regularity of reviews, Health and Safety requirements and Equal Opportunities Policy.
  • Legal and due diligence procedures.

What you can expect during the training programme

  • High quality training taking account of individual abilities.
  • Highly competent and professional delivery team with vocational expertise.
  • A welcoming learning environment irrespective of race, religion, age, nationality, gender, disability, or sexual orientation.
  • A safe learning environment with training on Health and Safety issues where relevant.
  • Prompt feedback, written or verbal as appropriate, in order for employees to improve their performance.
  • Reports on employee progress.
  • Well-managed training that meets the agreed outcomes.
  • Opportunities for employees to review and evaluate their learning.

What you can expect after the training programme

  • Evaluation of the benefits of training to your organisation.
  • Suggestions of relevant follow-on or new opportunities should they arise.

In return, we anticipate that you, the employer, will:

  • Release employees for training
  • Support and encourage your employees throughout the training
  • Encourage employees to inform us about any disabilities or learning needs
  • Encourage employees to complete work and attend all sessions punctually and treat staff with respect
  • Provide opportunities for assessment in the workplace if appropriate
  • Pay all invoices in accordance with the terms and conditions in the contract.

We would like your employee to:

  • Make a positive commitment to the learning programme
  • Attend punctually and inform the tutor or assessor if they are unable to attend or need to cancel an assessment
  • Submit completed work on time
  • Co-operate with staff and others respecting diversity, regardless of age, race, religion, nationality, gender, sexual orientation or disability
  • Behave appropriately at all times
  • Comply fully with the Data Protection Act.

Service Standards

We will ensure that:

  • An initial response to your enquiry is provided in two working days
  • Requests for information are responded to within two working days. This should reduce time spent searching for suitable qualifications
  • A named account manager from your business sector is identified within two working days and contacts you to discuss your requirements
  • You will be assigned an account manager from your business sector so you can be assured of current and relevant advice
  • You will be given the opportunity to benefit from the experience of similar businesses. An initial meeting will be arranged within two weeks of your enquiry, subject to your availability and requirements
  • Where appropriate an Organisational Needs Analysis will be completed at the initial meeting and reviewed annually
  • A Training Proposal Agreement will be completed and submitted within three working days of agreeing business terms
  • All complaints will be dealt with by a manager. You will receive an acknowledgement within two days and a written response within 10 working days
  • Evaluation of your training programme with you will occur within three months of completion.