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Top GCSE grades celebrated at Leicester College


GCSE Results Day: There were smiles and celebrations at Leicester College this morning.


Among the happy face was Kuldeep Kaur Dhillon who came to collect her GCSE results.

She got an A* in Sociology, A in Maths and two B’s in English and Science.

Kuldeep said: “I am a little disappointed with my B in Science. I was aiming for an A. I knew I had worked hard for my Maths and Sociology so I’m really happy with those results. It’s been a tough journey for me.”

The 26-year-old was born and raised in Punjab, India, and only moved to England last April.

She said: “I was completely lost when I first moved out here. My husband is a doctor and he did his best to help me adjust. He suggested I try my hand at studying a course.

“I used to work as a teacher in India and I missed teaching so I thought I’d start with GCSEs and work my way up again.

“Leicester College has been great. I’ve had so much support and I’ve improved in myself.  I was a bit afraid when I first joined. I didn’t really know what to expect especially as a mature learner. Everything was new and different to me. Even the grading system, as it’s not something I was used to. But the teachers here are very supportive.”

Kuldeep is expecting a baby later this year now plans to take a year out before taking her next step.

The envelopes were ready for collection

The envelopes were ready for collection

She said: “I’m hoping to go to university and do a PGCE but before that I’m looking forward to being a mum.”

The 19-year-old received an A* in Sociology, A in Psychology, B in Science and B in English.Fellow learner Stephen Johnson was also celebrating.

Opening his envelope, he said: “I feel really good. I can’t express how happy I am. I didn’t think I would earn these grades, especially as I had left school so early. I did really well.”

After enduring years of bullying at secondary school, Stephen, who lives in Braunstone, left school at the age of 14.

He said despite his parent’s best efforts, home-schooling didn’t work for him. He explained: “My parents tried to teach me at home, but they’re not teachers and it wasn’t working for me.”

At 16 he enrolled on to a BTEC ICT course at Leicester College, but quickly realised he would need his GCSEs for later life, so he enrolled on his
GCSE course last year.

“I want to go to university so I knew I would need my GCSEs. I’ve been at the College for two years now and it’s been the best thing for me.

“I’m staying on to do my A-levels here. I want to be a journalist hopefully so I think I’m on the right track now.”

Ex-Drummer Siobhan McIntosh came to Leicester College after a ten-year break in education.

The 26-year-old said: “The first time round I did ok. I got all C’s but I didn’t really take an interest at that age. I was restless and didn’t want to go into further education.

“I wanted to work in the music industry so I moved to London to do that.”

But a wrist injury quickly cut that dream short. During a visit to the physiotherapist, she realised her calling.

She explains: “I thought that’s what I really want to do. I knew I had to get better GCSE’s if I wanted to study further.

“A friend of mine suggested Leicester College to me. He had studied here and recommended it. I was a bit nervous as I was expecting younger people around me but I’m really glad I came.”

Siobhan today received an A* in Psychology and three A’S in Maths, Biology and Sociology.

She said: “I couldn’t even read my results when I opened the envelope. It’s a very different feeling the second time round.  I was counting down the days to my results. It’s a good feeling.  The benefit of being older is I can appreciate my GCSE results and my learning.”

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